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Diploma Degree

With the High School Diploma you won't be turned down any more - instead - you will have an excellent opportunity to get the job of your dreams, beat off the competition and rise above the others!

Online diploma degree program gives you a chance to prove your knowledge and get a high school diploma, which will help you to change your life forever. No matter what you were in the past, think about your future! You may start a new life at any age - Dalloway online high school welcomes you to enroll.

With Dalloway High School Diploma you will have an edge in the competitive world and get the appreciation you deserve! The whole world will be at your feet! Just think of the things you could do once you have the High School Diploma! Pass our online examination test and prove that you are the best.

Your High School Graduation Package - $249 with Free Shipping

Diploma: Your diploma will be the same quality as those issued by most traditional high schools and printed on 60-lb parchment paper that is a full 8-1/2 x 11 inches.

Transcripts: Your transcripts will include all the scores you've received by completing our testing. The documents will be printed on the same paper as the diploma and include the official seal of Dalloway High School.

Registrar service: Should the need arise, our registrar will provide a replacement diploma or transcripts, or verify your graduation to any third party that you authorize to receive the information.

Imagine that you hold your high school diploma in your hands. You know that you are smart and have enough knowledge. You feel much stronger than before. And you are ready to start changing your life. Sounds good? You may start now!