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The Dalloway program is an ideal choice for those individuals who have dropped out of high school and need to earn a diploma online fast. Many of our graduates have gone on to be accepted to trade schools, get a job promotion or even get a new job. Having the proper graduate documentation is necessary; Dalloway now provides an assortment of new verification documents for current and former graduates. Whether you are a young teen or an adult dropout, our courses are a great choice, as they offer a convenient study guide and the ability to log out and return to finish later. You can access your saved online test, from any computer, no matter if you are at home, work, the library or a friend's house. This accessibility and convenience has allowed many working teens and adults to finally earn their high school diploma. Don't let not having your diploma limit you any longer. Enroll and become a Dalloway student and begin the steps to earning your high school diploma online today! >> Enroll For Free


Our courses were specially designed for individuals looking for an accelerated self–study program that they could complete entirely online. At Dalloway, you won't need to wait for the start of semester to enroll or be pressured to complete assignments in a certain time frame. Many of our students juggle full time jobs in addition to our courses, so having the freedom to work at their own pace has helped to ensure their success. Our online classes are great for teens looking for an alternative to a traditional high school setting or adults who have made the decision to go back to school and earn their high school diploma. If you need support anytime during the process, we have a great team of study coaches that are available to assist you. >> Take The Test Now


In an ongoing effort to provide the highest quality to our students, we're proud to now offer two different online high school classes for the 2015 year. These new test programs include more for the graduates who decide to purchase their high school diploma package. Instead of just a diploma and transcripts, graduates can now obtain a wallet diploma card, student ID card, wood diploma frame, keychain, resume writing kit and more! Previous graduates will be able to return and purchase these new items separately at our "School Store" page. All that is required of the returning graduate is their ID number. This allows our student counselors to check school records and confirm the individual is a past graduate. These new items also help a graduate get verified easier as we now offer fax quality as well as sealed high school diploma and transcripts. Certain trade schools and colleges only accept an applicant with the proper documents and in many cases will only review a sealed diploma and/or transcripts. >> Enroll Now


If you are considering getting your GED, we encourage you to take our free online high school diploma test. The GED can only be completed in person and is much harder than most individuals anticipate. Test retakes require a fee each time and preparation for the exam is essential. Additionally, most employers prefer an individual to possess a high school diploma whether traditional or through an online class such as Dalloway's. Our online high school class allows the graduate to decide if they want to purchase our diploma package. There are no hidden fees for either of our courses. For those still interested in earning their GED, take our free high school program and see how you score to determine areas to prep more prior to taking the actual test. >> Get Started For Free


We are proud to offer a free lifetime verification services for all individuals who pass our high school diploma online class and order their graduation package. This service will allow a potential employer, current employer or education facility to contact our high school advisors to confirm you have passed with a satisfactory or higher score. They may also request further details such as grade point average or transcripts which can be provided to them as well. Our school has helped thousands of adults and teens earn their high school diploma, as well as, verify their graduation credentials. Our knowledgeable staff of advisors can provide phone or email verification service; provided the graduate gives at least a 24 hour notice. We now offer additional items of verification as well as more graduate accessories. Get a high school diploma from home and during your free time with the Dalloway program. >> Take The Test Now


Whether you are still a teen that had trouble in a traditional high school setting, an adult with dreams of earning a diploma or someone who just wants GED test preparation, our program will help you to reach your goals. Our user friendly site is easy to maneuver and the courses have been designed for the individual to work independently. Many other self-study programs are hard to follow and sometimes cause frustration to students who aren't familiar with independent study courses. Enroll at no cost, immediately gain student access and get started on your online high school diploma course today!